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Diary Entry One,

Im off to my Europe adventure flying to spain first. The capital city of spain is Madrid. I wanted to visit here first because this is where my ancestors are from. Spain is located in the western part of europe. The language most commonly spoke here is Castillian spanish. The population is 39,996,671. In spain the GDP per capita is $ 29,500. The main religion practiced here is roman catholic. Also the main ethnicity is spanish. There are two places Im visiting, Im going to Barcelona Beach ! It's so beautiful here walking the beach. There is this building thats weird looking but really interesting. They call it Homenaje a Barcelona or L'Estel ferit (rebecca horn). They are blocks leaning cubes on Barcelona beach a landmark. The next place i'm heading to is balearic Islands . Well the water is great only thing is were really high up on this bolder. The people are diving off it. It's known for the beautiful coastline, also they know how to party here. It's so much fun to be here to experience all this.

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